Feeling Disconnected. . .

Apr 29, 2021

How Many of you are feeling disconnected from your agility routines?

Need help getting focused on WHAT to train?

Need help getting Motivated to Train? 

I'm TOTALLY with you!

Since the start of the Pandemic, I personally have gone from feeling relief for a well-needed break. . . to restless. . .  to disconnected. . . 

I LOVE AGILITY - connecting with and working with my dog;  learning from my dog as we work through handling and training challenges;  pushing both myself and Tobie outside of our comfort zones to be better and and continue to grow;  and stepping to the line with my best friend as we compete against the best;  I LOVE the pressure of representing my country when a gold medal is on the line;  and I love goofing off in the backyard, just because!  

I LOVE Agility so much that I've built a business helping others to better connect with their dogs and reaching their agility goals - oftentimes even helping the handler identify and work through things that they didn't know were lurking.  I LOVE seeing my friends and clients succeed and LOVE the process!   So, you could definitely say that I followed my heart 31 years ago when I was first introduced to agility - and I haven't ever looked back!

But lately, I've been struggling.  Shows are slowly starting to pop up again, although for those of us living in Arizona that show season has already ended.  The idea of training at 5:30am to beat the triple-digit heat is daunting, particularly when there is little to prepare for. . . The Pandemic has definitely hit me hardest where I thrive - Working towards goals!  

I would describe myself as a 'function-oriented' person. . . I'm practical for the most-part, and although I enjoy the 'bells and whistles', I don't require them.  I'm grateful for my life and all that I have IN my life.  I'm constantly trying to improve myself in ways to live and experience my life more fully while loving and helping others. 

I  NEED to have something to work towards - to focus on, to build my day around, and to challenge myself to grow.  And I'm finding that to be difficult with the uncertainty of my favorite 'big' competitions either being cancelled  or constantly rescheduled.  Tobie and I won our spots on TEAM USA for the WAO in the fall of 2019 - she was 10 at the time.  We were so excited and primed for the spring 2020 WAO, thinking that with her at age 11 it would probably be one of our last World Championship events together and we'd go out better than ever!  Well, now we are STILL on the team and anxiously awaiting the event, which is tentatively set for October of this year. . . fingers crossed. . .

So, for now, we are focusing on maintaining our health and fitness, keeping mentally sharp with games and some agility training, and enjoying having weekend to ourselves and 'just' being buddies.  I'm seizing the opportunity to spend quality time with the love of my life, Bill, and reflect upon what matters most and how I can help others and make the biggest impact with my life. . . And, of course, doing LOT'S of paining :)


I'd LOVE to hear from you. . . 

How are you staying connected to agility?  

How have you been spending this time away from the show circuit?


Talk Soon!


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