Available Programs

Agility Course Mastery

Learn the steps that Elicia follows for every course she runs, including the 4-step Analysis.  Completing this course will help you create your ideal plan for a successful run, every time.  This is a self-paced, on-line course that teaches you the essential skills and practices find the best run through any course for you and your dog.

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Peak Performance Essentials

A self-guided on-line class to give you the essentials of developing a champion mindset, powerful mental game, and useful tools for connecting with your dog.

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Champion's Level Peak Performance Coaching Program

Learn how to level up your team performance in Agility with Elicia Calhoun. This is a 12-week on-line course with live group coaching calls every other week with Elicia during the program.
This program includes access to the Agility Course Mastery program at no additional cost.

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