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Agility Course Mastery

Do you remember learning to read as a child?  You couldn't just grab a book and be able to understand what it was about until you understood letters, words, phrases, punctuation, etc. 

Well, reading an agility map is no different.  Until you learn the basics, you will continue to be frustrated and struggle with off-courses, disconnection, knocked bars, and slow times. 

The good news is that you can do something about this. 

And, you can learn from one of the best in the sport!

Learn the steps that Elicia herself follows for every course she runs, including the 4-step Analysis that can be applied to ANY agility course.  Completing this Program will develop a solid foundation in the fundamentals that will help you understand the secret to creating your ideal plan for a successful run, every time. 

You won't need to rely upon other people to put a plan together and hope that their plan works for your dog. 

This is a self-paced, online course that teaches you the essential skills and practices of analyzing, planning, and implementing course strategies.  Once you master these skills you can feel confident about the plan that you designed that is specifically based on you and your dog's skills.

This program includes group coaching calls to assist you in applying the skills to any course you run, as well as bonus video analysis opportunities to review how you implemented your plan.  And as a graduate, you will have the chance to continue your progress by maintaining your skills monthly with a motivated and supportive group. 

Don't wait another day to 'guess' if your plan will work.  Learn the skills and Master your agility course today!

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Get in the Game:

Peak Performance Essentials


Elicia's online class gives you the essentials for developing the right mindset, a powerful mental game, and the necessary tools for working with your dog as a team in agility.

Learn the basics to really connecting with your dog, and how to use them to improve your communication and teamwork.  Solidify your understanding of body language, the timing of cues, and the agility dynamics at play. 

See how to confidently put everything together for faster times, more clear runs, and experience that feeling of accomplishment as you and your dog become a better team.

Train with one of the best in the sport who is known for helping teams connect!  

Don't struggle another day.  Sign up and bring the joy and fun back to training and running with your dog!


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Peak Performance 


This is NOT your ordinary agility training course.  This is a Coaching program.  Immerse yourself in a program designed to level up your agility results with live coaching from 3-time world champion Elicia Calhoun. This is a small group 12-week Hybrid experience that includes both online course content and LIVE group coaching throughout the program.  This is Elicia's premier program that provides an intimate and supportive learning environment for maximum team development.  Graduates of this Champion Level program have gone on to compete and earn top placements at National events, as well as successfully represent the USA internationally with consistent results.
This program includes access to the Agility Course Mastery and group coaching in order to provide the comprehensive training that every Champion must have to be able to reach their goals and achieve Peak Performance success. 

If you really want to be the best handler for your dog and are committed to doing the work to see what amazing things your team can achieve, then don't wait!  Sign up today.

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