A monthly membership for dog agility teams who want a community they love and group coaching that actually works.

The Perfect Class Companion


Join Peak Performance before you invest in other agility classes or programs. 

This holistic and balanced monthly program provides:


  • ongoing content and group coaching for the 'big picture'


  • deep dives into all aspects of agility for both the dog and the handler throughout the year. 

The perfect program to support your agility team

  • Find any hidden gaps holding you back 
  • Learn and use the tools to fill them

All without conflicting with your current handling or training system. 

Learn to balance the core skills needed to succeed in agility:


  • mindset
  • teamwork
  • training
  • handling

Finally. . .

A group coaching program that helps you


  • develop your team's unique identity by teaching you how to build upon the core agility skills and refine your training


  • so that you can consistently deliver your team's peak performances and achieve your goals.

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