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Saturday November 21, 2020

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Ever wonder how the Elite Teams look so smooth and connected during their Agility runs?  How they make even the hardest courses look easy?

It's all about their teamwork!  

The trust, communication and relationship between the Dog and their Handler are ESSENTIAL to a Champion Level Team that delivers consistent Peak Performances.

 And its something EVERYONE CAN ACHIEVE !

Join me as I share some of MY secrets to Building a Champion Level Team with my Dogs!

Expect to learn exercises and techniques that lay a solid foundation that you can build upon, regardless of your team's experience level.

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About your instructor, Elicia Calhoun:

  • 3x World Champion
  • 6x National Champion (with 4 different dogs) 
  • 27 Different USA TEAMS 
  • Internationally Sought-After Instructor and Coach
  • Specializes in the Mental Game and Mindset Mastery
  • Over 25 years of International Seminar Instruction
  • Hugs Her Dogs
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