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Peak Performance Intensive

with Elicia Calhoun

The 12-Week Group Coaching Program for High-Level Competitors 

Have you ever dreamed of. . . 


confidently stepping to the start line

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  • knowing that your dog is calm, focused, and connected 


  • your team is well-prepared, both mentally and physically

  • and that you both have all the skills needed



and then laid down an amazing run?

Like, actually done it?

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The Peak Performance Intensive Program provides


  • World Class Group Coaching 


  • Comprehensive and Holistic training for High-Level Agility competition


  • Tools that enable dogs & handlers to become CONNECTED and RESILIENT agility teams


  • Systems to set, plan, and achieve BIG goals


  • and achieve Peak Performance success.

IF. . .

You really want to be the best handler for your dog

are committed to doing the work

and have big dreams for your team


THEN. . .

don't wait!  Sign up today for Peak Performance Intensive.



Get started and be ready to step into your next level of Agility!

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Learn the secrets to Becoming a World Class Agility Team from a


3-time World Champion &

Peak Performance Coach


Elicia Calhoun

I'm Ready, Tell me MORE!