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Are YOU the reason that you can't connect with your dog to run an agility course clean?

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 4 Simple Steps to Build a STRONGER CONNECTION with your dog. 


 *     Tired of wasting your time and not making progress?

*     Frustrated by not knowing how to keep your dog's attention?

*     Embarrassed by you or your dog's behavior in the ring?


If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions. . . 


Then you MUST learn these simple and actionable steps - discover what motivates your dog so that you can enjoy your time playing and training together. 

Elicia Calhoun is a top National and International Trainer, 3-time World Champion, 6-time National Champion, Lecturer, Professional Agility Instructor, and Author. With over 30 years of international teaching and competing experience, she stands apart from her competition and provides her coaching clients with an unfair advantage to expedite their success. 

Her passion is connecting the dog and handler team to build their relationship and see what is possible; as well as, motivating the team to work towards and achieve that potential through the sport of dog agility.

"We are much more consistent at trials.  I’m better at maintaining my focus during runs, and keeping connection with my dog throughout the entire run. As a result, my dog is less frustrated on course and we are having more success!"  Lynn from Flagstaff