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Agility Course Mastery Program

with Elicia Calhoun

Learn The Proven System that 

EVERY agility Handler should know! 

Imagine being able to . . .

  • Quickly look at a course
  • Immediately see the challenges, and
  • Easily identify all of your handling options.

Analyze ANY course for ANY Level and

make the RIGHT plan for your team.

Free yourself from the Mental Chaos of too many choices


  • Stop having to rely upon someone else to tell you what to do. 
  • Learn how to make simple decisions, and
  • Easily pick the best handling options that you can actually execute 


Consider the qualifications you could rack up by having a systematic and consistent way to create your best course plans.


Sign up for Agility Course Mastery and K.I.S.S. Overwhelm ‘Goodbye’!

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Who wouldn't want to confidently step to the start line knowing they have a handling plan that they can easily make happen?

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Learn the secrets to Mastering any Agility Course from a

3-time World Champion &

Peak Performance Coach


Elicia Calhoun

Do you remember learning to read as a child? 

You couldn't just grab a book and be able to understand what it was about until you understood letters, words, phrases, punctuation, etc. 


Well, reading an agility map is no different. 


Until you learn the basics, you will continue to be frustrated and struggle with off-courses, disconnection, knocked bars, and slow times. 

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