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3-Time World Champion
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The Peak Performance Essentials program will give you:

  • A Champion Mindset giving you confidence before, during, and after your run
  • Improve and strengthen the connection between you and your dog.
  • A Course Analysis System that helps you see the best run lines for both you and your dog.
  • An intelligent method for walking and seeing the course with fresh eyes
  • An awareness for walking the course and seeing it from your dog's perspective
  • A method to create a handling plan that maximizes your team's strengths and minimizes any weaknesses.
  • Repeatable routines to get ring ready with confidence on the start line.
  • Techniques for warming up and synchronizing with your dog. 

The Peak Performance Essentials Program is designed to help the Agility Team in creating the Mindset, Communication, Routines, Analysis and Decision-Making Skills that build a stronger and more successful TEAM.

I'm Elicia Calhoun
3 Time World Champion
6 Time National Champion 

I have competed in 22 National and been a member on over 25 International Teams representing the United States, and competed in over 12 International Finals.  

I created Peak Performance Essentials to share the core components needed to have you feeling excited on the start line again, ready to run, and with confidence in the connection you have built with your dog.

The Peak Performance Essentials Program is a 6 week / 6 module program including:

* Weekly video lessons that you can watch and replay as often as you like from any device.

* Step by Step progress to help you master the essentials of Agility Performance in the ring, where it really matters!

#1 BONUS:  Special Goal-Setting Session

With the current level of uncertainty as we transition from the pandemic to our new 'normal', I've added a special training session to help create the positive mindset for success.  It's important to focus on what we can do with the resources currently available.  We will work together to help you craft a motivating goal that will prepare you for when competition season is back in full swing!

#2 BONUS:  Access to Course Analysis Basics

Winning runs start with Champion level Course Analysis skills!  I've created a special 'Essentials' version of my Agility Course Mastery program to set you up and get you on your way to creating those winning runs. 

#3 BONUS:  Special Behavior Webinar with Agility Applications entitled 'Thinking Outside The Ring!'

Join me in a webinar with a Behavior Expert whose passion is dog agility!  As a result, her 'super power' is helping dogs who struggle with arousal level at the start line. Learn specific steps you can train at home that will better equip your dog to successfully handle the excitement in a trial environment. 

My Story...

Although I've won 3 World Championships and 6 National Championships, I started competing before I knew anything.  I didn't know how to train dogs, other than our family pets.  I had never participated in team sports, let alone competed in sports.  I had NO mental game to draw upon.  I only had the relationship with my dog, a passion for playing with my dog, and an insatiable desire to learn!

I've had my share of mistakes, bumbles, and outright fumbles in the ring over the years.  But through that experience, I've found a great system that has worked for me, by taking a good idea from here, and a new technique from there, and combining them all together into what I now teach my private students.

I teach the Essential tools that help my students feel like a champion when they step onto the course with their dogs.   These are the ideas, training tactics, and mental attitudes that allows them to perform at their peak - thus Peak Performance.

I have found that it is not just one magic tip or training routine that makes a champion.  Instead, it is a combination of several areas that I think you need to know in order to have a winning team ready at the start and that can end up on the top of the podium consistently.  But it is not all work, the whole point is to learn to work as a team and have fun with your dog.

Over the past 27 years I've worked with students at all levels of competition.  This course is not for a new beginner to the sport.  You and your dog have to come with some basic communication and performance skills.  Instead, this material is helpful if you are just starting to compete, all the way up to being along side me on the USA team going to the World Championships.  If you're ready to improve, this affordable self-program may be just the right resource to help you "level up" both you and your dog.

I've taken the core of what has worked for me and created an on-line course where I share the techniques that will help you have more confidence when you and your dog enter the ring.

Most of the other training programs for Agility that I'm aware of only teach handling techniques.  I go beyond that to help you develop your mental game, and show you how to get repeated success by recording and tracking your progress with my unique post-run tracking and journaling process that I'll be teaching you.

So this is more than just handling techniques.  It is a complete process to help you and your dog perform at your best.  It is the same process that I use that has helped put me on the top level of the podium on at the National Championships 6 times and on the top level of the podium at the World Championships 3 times.  And I know that it can help you too!

During the program you can ask your questions and give comments that I'll be in there responding to, answering your questions, and cheering you on.  And if you share a video of you and your dog's performance, I'll review those and give you my personal comments for what I think is your next level of improvement.

This is an online program that you can go through on your own pace.  You can go back and review the lessons as much and as often as you want.  Because the course is on-line you can connect with any device.  You can take the lessons and watch my training videos where I give you practical tips and demonstrate what I'm teaching.

Join me and let me help you create the agility team you've always dreamed of having, so that you can experience what it feels like to be a champion on every course you run!

Coach Calhoun
3-Time World Champion
6-Time National Champion  
Coach, Instructor, and Author on Dog Agility


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Coach Calhoun


I run ‘Brodie’, a medium-sized rat terrier. I’ve been in the program for a year.

I struggled with Impulse control in the form of losing stopped dog walks and start line stays.  I struggled with focusing on connecting with my dog through my whole run without rushing.  My timing was off for my handling and my dog was over threshold. 

The steps of the program broke down each skill.   This improved my mental focus, the connection with my dog, and my timing skills. The skills learned allow me to remember my cues, my timing, connect with my dog, and not only remember the course, but know where the obstacles are when I am running.  

We were able to get our stopped dog walk and start lines to work in trials. 

We set big goals and achieved big results!  We have now been on the Podium at Cynosport, won the ISC class at AKC Nationals and won our spot onto the European Open Team 2 Years in a row!

This format benefited me because I could do the coursework on a flexible schedule and work around “life”.  It pushed me to build on each skill set from a foundation basis up to a very competitive level and in a compact amount of time. I am now running and winning competitively.  

I was able to work on advancing my training skills each week with the course format.  I was held accountable for working through and recording the material which helped me complete it. I have notes and videos to review and I can go back and listen to the group lessons as well. This keeps me reviewing and continuing to improve.

 - Estelle Robinson from California.

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